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Fête des Pères au Portugal : nos idées de cadeaux originaux

Father's Day in Portugal: our original gift ideas

If this year, Father's Day took place on March 19 in Portugal, other dads around the world, especially in France and the United States, have their day later, on June 19.
So, there is still time to offer beautiful and original gifts for this day dedicated to dads! Find here our ideas for a gift straight from Portugal, special Father's Day edition.

“Dia do Pai” : The origin of Father's Day in Portugal

As you know, Portugal is a deeply Catholic country. Religious holidays are very important in the Portuguese culture and Father's Day, although not related to religion in many countries, is here linked to the date of St. Joseph "São José", adoptive father of Jesus Christ.

São José

This tradition of celebrating St. Joseph's Day dates back to the 15th century, but it was not until the 20th century, when Father's Day was created in the United States and later adopted in Europe, that Portugal decided to celebrate this day along with St. Joseph's Day.

As for the creation of Father's Day as such in the 20th century, we owe it to the Americans and in particular to Sonora Louise Smart. This young woman, born in Arkansas, lost her mother at the age of 16 and saw her father take care of his six children alone.

Sonora Louise Smart's father who inspired Father's Day

When Sonora heard a sermon in church in the early 20th century about the possible creation of Mother's Day, she thought of her father and his selflessness in raising his six children alone. She admired him as a brave, loving and selfless man and set out to create a holiday to honor fathers.

Her father was born on June 19, so she organized the celebration on that day in Spokane, Washington. This day could have remained local, but on June 19, 1916, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States of America, came to Spokane and learned of this Father's Day. He spoke at the service and spread the holiday throughout the country.

However, it wasn't until 1972 that President Nixon declared the third Sunday in June as a permanent national Father's Day celebration.


Our Portuguese gift ideas for Father's Day

If you want to give your dad a typical Portuguese gift for Father's Day, you're in the right place! We have selected for you some traditional Portuguese objects that can be offered on Father's Day, but also for a birthday or Christmas.

Portuguese gifts for a greedy dad

Your dad is a gourmet and loves Portuguese flavors? Take him on a trip to Portugal with real Portuguese coffee.
It's well known: the Portuguese love coffee! Between the famous "bica", the "pingado" or the "cafe cheio", coffee is a national pastime! The best way to introduce your father to Portuguese artisanal coffees is to offer him a Portuguese coffee discovery box.

If he prefers tea, we also have just what you need with this Portuguese tea discovery set that will make him discover the wonders of aromas that smell good Portugal: Pastel de Nata, oranges and almonds from the Algarve, melon from the Ribatejo, fennel from Madeira, apples from Alcobaça, etc.

As for the flavors of Portugal, we can't forget olive oil and cinnamon, which are used in many Portuguese recipes.
A very good virgin olive oil from Alentejo, accompanied by a ceramic oil carafe decorated with azulejos will delight the aficionados of Mediterranean cuisine for sure.

Your dad prefers to eat than drink or cook? Let him discover the famous canned sardines from Portugal. The canned fish in Portugal are authentic products.
We have the widest selection of the best canned food in the country! Sardines, cod, mackerel, tuna, etc. A real treat, rich in proteins and flavors!

Giving beauty products from Portugal to a fancy dad

Your father likes to take care of himself? Give him something to get ready Portuguese style! Shaving creamaftershave lotionmen's soaps and cologne will please men who like to look good.

Our Oh Melhor Portuguese product line contains all the products for men's shaving. And for dads who know Portugal well, the recognizable "Lavanda" cologne, present in every Portuguese home for decades, will bring back wonderful memories for your dad.

Gifts for all dads

For all dads, these Father's Day gifts reminiscent of Portugal are sure to be a hit:

All our original gift boxes that will please all Portuguese or Lusitania lovers!

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