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Exposition Joana Vasconcelos au Palacio da Ajuda à Lisbonne

A small insight into Portuguese contemporary art with Joana Vasconcelos.

In 2013 Joana Vasconcelos exhibited some of her works in the last residence of the Portuguese kings: the Palacio da Ajuda.
Who is Joana Vasconcelos?
Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist, a star of contemporary art. She made her name at the Venice Biennale in 2005 with "a noiva" (the young bride), a 5-metre high sculpture representing a chandelier made of 25,000 feminine tampons (see Jonana Vasconcelos' website).
French people remember more easily his exhibition in Versailles, which had been a hot news topic and strongly displeased the defenders of the castle.

Exposition Joana Vasconcelos à Versailles


What is the Palacio da Ajuda?

Official residence of Kings D. Luis I and queen D. Maria Pia of Savoy, until 1910, year of the establishing of the Portuguese Republic, the Palacio da Ajuda is located in Lisbon.

This palace can be visited all year round. it is interesting because the furniture and decoration of the rooms are still in place. However, please be aware that this is a building that has not been achieved and for which remains a project for its completion.

Palacio da Ajuda à Lisbonne à visiter


The works presented

Marilyn: Monumental high-heeled shoes made with an accumulation of cookware and lids evoking the duality of the female condition. 


Exposition Joana Vasconcelos au Palacio da Ajuda à Lisbonne


Coração Indépendante Vermelho: Huge Coração de Viana (Heart of Viana) presented in motion, combined with Portuguese music and recalling the ups and downs of life  This work is entirely made of plastic cutlery twisted under the effect of heat.


Exposition Joana Vasconcelos au Palacio da Ajuda à Lisbonne


These 3 or 4 photos are only intended to make you want to discover Joana Vasconcelos. If you wish to find one of her exhibitions or the place and dates of the next one, go to her website by following this link.

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