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Un avion de la TAP pour un vol vers Lisbonne

Which suitcases for your flight to Portugal? How to bring back your gifts and souvenirs?

Taking advantage of a great weekend to discover Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve? Be careful when preparing your luggage!

Be sure to check the maximum weights and dimensions allowed, as this will prevent you from having to display the contents of your suitcase in other bags at the airport counter.
You should also check your airline company policy to avoid paying an extra charge on the way out or back.
You would like to bring back with you some souvenirs from your stay or some gifts for your friends or family but you need more space? We have the solution.

flying with an airline company can be troublesome. Here are a few tips.


★ Authorized weights and dimensions for luggage

Quelle valise pour un week end au Portugal ?Generally speaking, each airline company has its own regulations and the differences are sometimes measured in centimetres. I advise you to check before you leave because the regulations change frequently.
Usually, the maximum weight of a check-in luggage varies from 20 to 23 kg depending on the company and its dimensions must not exceed 158 cm cumulatively. Beyond that, companies charge you an additional weight up to a maximum of 32kg.
Hand luggage, those you take with you in the cabin, must be less than 56x45x25 cm and their weight must remain less than 8kg.
Please note that liquids and gels may only be transported in the cabin under certain conditions: they must be placed in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml. All these containers must themselves be placed in a closed transparent plastic bag, with a maximum capacity of one litre and maximum dimensions of 20 cm x 20 cm.


Les franchises

Les différentes valises pour un week end à LisbonneHere too, to add to the confusion, each airline has its own pricing policy. If you come to Portugal with Easyjet, your hand luggage under 56x45x25cm is free but most of the time it will travel in the hold (!) Your larger luggage, up to 275 cm perimeter, will travel in the hold but at an extra cost. So, be careful, many people get caught. If you travel with a suitcase and a handbag, you will be asked to put your bag in your suitcase when you board.

If you fly with the Portuguese national airline, the TAP, you can bring a maximum of 8kg of hand luggage but its dimensions are limited to 55x40x20cm. Your larger luggage will travel free of charge in the hold but its dimensions will be limited to 158cm of perimeter.

In other words, there is a lot of confusion before each departure. I, therefore, recommend that you carefully check the website of the airline you have chosen.


★  The solution? Have your souvenirs delivered to your home when you return.

                We offer an "A la carte" delivery service on request with UPS Mychoice

Service de livraison à la carte avec Luisa PaixãoYou flew well, your stay was wonderful and you want to share your discoveries with your friends or family and bring back some souvenirs with you. Yes, but the question of luggage arises again: Is there enough space in your cabin luggage? Won't the weight limit be exceeded? How to bring back this olive oil that I want to share? thanks to the Luisa-Paixao website you won't have to worry about it. We have selected typical Portuguese products, made in Portugal by Portuguese people. This will prevent you from discovering on your return that the beautiful souvenir you brought back with you is of uncertain origin or that it was made in China.

✔ Relay option: You can request that your package be stored in a UPS Access Point relay or UPS centre until you return.
✔ Delivery delay option: You can request delivery within two weeks of your return from vacation.
✔ Delivery planner option: You can check the status of your package and reschedule its delivery at your convenience.
✔ Delivery to another address option: You can have your package delivered to another address. This option is to be selected in the shipping confirmation email you will receive after your order has been registered.

In any case, you will be alerted by SMS, voice messages or e-mail and you can at any time reschedule, redirect or have your parcels delivered.

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