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Pastel de Nata du Portugal la recette secrète

The secret recipe of Pasteis de Nata

You will find the best Pasteis de Nata Rua de Belém in Lisbon where you can buy them and eat them on the spot, still warm.

The best address is undoubtedly "Pasteis de Belem", a company founded in 1837 and still open in Lisbon. All you have to do is go there during your stay to understand it immediately. The queue runs on the sidewalk from the first minute of opening to the last minute, every day. 

La recette secrète des Pasteis de Belem


You can also find these Pasteis de Nata in pastries, in the supermarket, of course at the airport and sometimes in France. Never buy them! What you will buy will have absolutely nothing to do with the ones you can taste at "Pasteis de Belem".


Genuine Pasteis de Nata Moulds

If you have loved them and if you miss your little Pasteis de Nata, all you have to do now is to try to make them yourself. Not easy? Come on, I'll give you a hand and I have translated the best Portuguese recipe for you.


★ Ingredients (10 to 12 Pasteis)

  1. 250 g puff pastry
  2. 1/2 litre of milk
  3. 6 egg yolks
  4. 40 g flour
  5. 180 g sugar
  6. 1 piece of butter
  7. 1 cinnamon stick
  8. 12 Nata pasteis moulds

It is best to make your own puff pastry, however, to save time, you can use an already repared pastry. In this case, choose an artisanal quality paste.

The cinnamon stick is not a requirement, it will simply be used to lightly flavor the cream. You can do without it and replace it advantageously with powdered cinnamon to spread on the warm Pasteis just before eating them.

★ Preparation of the dough

  1. Flour your work surface and spread the dough to obtain a large rectangle.
  2. Brush this rectangle with butter
  3. Roll the rectangle on itself to obtain a strand of dough.
  4. Cut 12 sections about 1.5cm high and flatten them between your fingers
  5. Place the circles of dough thus obtained in the previously buttered moulds.

If you have tasted Pasteis de Nata from Bélem, you have noticed the crispness of the dough. To obtain it at home, do not spread the rectangle of dough directly in the moulds but roll the dough on itself so that you will be able to cut it into sections that will give a much crisper pastry after baking.


★ Preparation of the filling

  1. Pour the milk into a saucepan, add the sugar and dilute the flour cold.
  2. Add a cinnamon stick.
  3. Heat the mixture and stir until it is thick and smooth.
  4. Let the mixture cool a little before adding the egg yolks with a whisk.


★ Assembly and baking

  1. Fill each of the moulds with the cream mixture
  2. Bake at 200° and cook for 15 to 20 minutes
  3. Take the Pasteis out of the oven, remove them from the mould, let them cool for 10 minutes
  4. Serve warm, sprinkled with cinnamon

Genuine Pasteis de Nata Moulds

Moules à Pasteis de Belem Of course, finding Nata Pasteis moulds outside Portugal is quite impossible. You can decide to use Cupcake moulds, but in this case you will have difficulty getting the crunchiness of the puff pastry. Don't panic, for a few euros, you will find on my website the original Pasteis de Nata molds made in Northern Portugal 




Le pastel de nata est ma gourmandise favorite ! Je rentre tout juste du Portugal où j’en ai bien profité ! Il me tarde d’essayer votre recette !! 😋… Merci de nous la partager ! Força Portugal !! 🇵🇹

We just visited the Belem shop by the monetary and took the tour to watch the pasties being made and ate one each. They were tremendous, the crispest pastry I have ever tasted. I will try this recipe when I return from Lisbon. An amazing city and wonderful food and sights.

Bonjour, aucun parfum dans votre recette ? À part un baron de cannelle facultatif, je suis septique, le zeste de citron et la vanille sont indispensable je pense.

Dans votre recette de pasteis de nata, vous notez un morceau de beurre. Celà correspond à combien en gramme ( grand ou petit morceau ).
Merci de votre réponse.

Super, merci je vais essayer tout de suite et si ça marche je vous prend les moules

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