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Les savons portugais : Les meilleurs du monde.

Discover Portuguese soaps, the best in the world.

In 2007, in her daily show, Oprah Winfrey recommended a Portuguese soap! Orders began to arrive from all over the world and some Portuguese soap companies that thought they wouldn't last long are now flourishing.


★ Portuguese soaps in the spotlight

Portuguese soaps have become a star product and are present in any guide in Portugal. More than 80% of local production is now exported.

"It is jokingly said that when visiting Porto, you have to buy a bar of soap to prove that you have visited the city and that after going up and down Lisbon, a good bath enhances the Portuguese soaps".


★ Quality and authenticity

une photo vintage d’un homme au volant d’une voiture

All this is not random or simply the result of a good PR stunt. Behind this revival are real fundamentals linked to the quality of the products, the know-how that has been preserved and the respect of tradition. These fundamentals are being rediscovered today and highlighted by ambitious entrepreneurs and craftsmen.


★ Back to the Roots

Fabrication de savons portugaisTraditional toilet soap that foams, smells good and washes the skin has been neglected in favour of liquid soaps, shower gels, various gels with creamier, oily, softer textures.....
And yet! With its natural properties and unique washing power, soap is a skincare with many qualities: available in various shapes, colours and scents, composed essentially of natural ingredients such as honey, milk, sweet almond or olive oil, without the addition of additives. It cleans the skin in-depth and rinses without leaving a film on the skin.


★ Soap or shower gel?

un gros up de nourritureJust look at the composition of a shower gel and a Portuguese soap and you will realize that the shower gel contains far more ingredients than a soap. Are all these ingredients really necessary? Are they healthy? Aren't they harmful to the environment? Using a shower gel is three times more expensive than using a solid soap. Take advantage of the savings made to favour very good natural soaps, sometimes more expensive to buy, but better for your health! Another benefit of soap is that it produces almost no waste, unlike shower gel bottles which, although recyclable, consume a lot of resources to produce them. Portuguese soaps are hand-wrapped in simple paper or cardboard.


Why use Portuguese soaps?

You certainly wonder why it is better to use Portuguese soap. I have at least 3 reasons to offer you!

There is nothing like rubbing yourself with soap and feeling the dirt go away. It is not only a physical feeling, but it is also a psychological feeling.

Soaps are more ecological than shower gels. They do not use plastic materials because most are wrapped in paper. They only use 100% natural ingredients and are never tested on animals.

Soaps give colour to the bathroom, have different textures and aromas. Some of them even have particular shapes. It's a lot more fun than a display of plastic bottles!

Portuguese soaps take care of the skin, nourish, moisturize, cleanse, soothe and even exfoliate and use only natural ingredients.


★ The boxes

un gros up d’un morceau de papierNothing like a small box of traditional soaps to experience or to offer. It has become a "must-do" to come back from Lisbon or Porto with a few soaps presented in a lovely vintage packaging: Various soaps with something for everyone and every use like care soap sets, flower soap sets, fruit soap sets, reissue of old soaps, handcrafted soaps... It's up to you to let yourself be tempted.

  • Care soap set - Confiança
  • Flower soap box - Confiança
  • Fruit soap box - Confiança
  • Traditional soap box - Confiança
  • Soap box with floral scents - Ach Brito
  • Soap box - Ach Brito


Exfoliating soaps

un gros up d’un chapeau

The exfoliating soaps eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the skin surface. Totally natural, they can be used on both the body and face.

You may find soaps that act chemically, thanks to fruit acids. Be careful not to use these soaps on the face because of their aggressiveness.

There are also soaps that work mechanically using crushed fruit stones, salt or crushed stone.

  • Exfoliating soap with pumice stone - Ach Brito
  • Exfoliating soap with white violet - Ach Brito
  • Exfoliating soap with blue-violet - Ach Brito
  • Exfoliating soap with yellow violet - Ach Brito
  • Clay exfoliating soap - Confiança
  • Seaweed exfoliating soap - Confiança
  • Exfoliating soap with pumice stone - Confiança
  • Salt exfoliating soap - Ach Brito

★ Purifying soaps

une clôture en place d’un tapisThese soaps, usually made of clay, oils or plants such as lavender, produce a foam that eliminates excess sebum on the surface and prevents acne eruptions.
Absorbent, re-mineralizing, revitalizing, regenerating, antiseptic, the clay contained in soaps is an excellent way to regulate excess sebum.

  • Purifying soap with Propolys - Ach Brito
  • Purifying soap with clay - Confiança
  • Purifying soap with clay - Ach Brito



Moisturizing soaps

un groupe d’éléments sur une surface blancheThese soaps are enriched with ingredients with moisturizing properties: coconut oil, shea butter, donkey milk, goat milk, chamomile, aloe vera... Portuguese soaps are the best in this field: because of the care taken in their manufacture, the quality of the ingredients incorporated: all-natural and 100% vegetable and also because of the manufacturing processes that guarantee an ideal balance between the hydrating elements and the soap base that preserves the foaming effect.

  • Moisturizing soap with sweet almond oil - Ach Brito
  • Moisturizing goat milk soap - Ach Brito
  • Glycerin soap - Ach Brito
  • Coconut soap - confiança
  • Chamomile soap - Ach Brito


★ Soaps to enjoy

un groupe d’animaux en pelucheIf there is also an area in which the Portuguese excel, it is in the ability to integrate extraordinary scents into their soaps. You will find classic flower soaps: rose, lavender or violet of course but you will also find more uncommon flavours such as hydrangea, lily or lotus. Fruits are also widely used. So you will have the choice between strawberry, lemon, and passion fruit soaps. Some craftsmen venture to successfully develop more surprising soaps with honey, figs, and mandarins.

  • Aloe vera soap - Ach Brito
  • Flores do Campo Soap - Real Saboria
  • Bilros Soap - Real Saboria
  • Luxury bath soap - Ach Brito
  • Rose soap - Ach Brito
  • Lavender soap - Confiança


Soaps for men

une clôture en place d’un dispositifHere we enter a very masculine universe where barbers replace perfumers. Colours, shapes, scents change but also the composition of soaps. Men's skin is richer in collagen and hair. Men have a thicker, oiler and more acidic skin which is sensitive to daily shaving. The skin can then become quickly dry and get damaged. Soaps for men take this into account in their formulation.


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Bonjour et merci pour cet article.
Pensez-vous que ces savons sont bons également pour se nettoyer le visage?
Je pars en vacances avec un objectif de voyager léger et je me demande si je ne vais pas emmener un seul savon à tout faire!

Merci beaucoup!

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