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Le Fado Portugais : L' Âme en Musique

Portuguese music, Fado

Bien plus qu'une simple mélodie, le Fado est une expression de l'âme portugaise. Plongez dans l'univers envoûtant du Fado, découvrez son histoire, sa signification et son impact profond sur la culture portugaise.
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Les 10 plus beaux chateaux médiévaux du Portugal

The 10 most beautiful medieval castles in Portugal.

Discover Portugal's top 10 symbolic castles and fortresses out of the 200 scattered across the country. Immerse yourself in their rich history and cultural significance!

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Les différents types d'Azulejos

Portuguese tiles, Discover all kind of azulejos

Azulejos of Figura Avulsa, azulejos Padrão, azulejos hispano-arabes... There are many varieties of tiles. Discover them in a few minutes...

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Lisbonne en dehors des sentiers battus

Lisbon off

Beyond these tourist places, Lisbon is full of unusual places where history, industry, landscapes, modern art... are mixed in an improbable way. I suggest you to discover some of them.

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Exposition Joana Vasconcelos au Palacio da Ajuda à Lisbonne

A small insight into Portuguese contemporary art with Joana Vasconcelos.

Remember Joana Vasconcelos' exhibition at the Palace of Versailles in 2012, which had been in the news! The defenders of a castle frozen in its splendor were particularly contemptuous as they discovered Joana's huge sculptures hanging on the Gabriel staircase! We visited his exhibition at the Palacio da Ajuda in Lisbon

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