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Idées de recettes pour un menu de Noël portugais

Recipe ideas for a Portuguese Christmas menu

To make your taste buds travel on December 25, from appetizer to dessert, here are our recipe ideas for a 100% Portuguese Christmas menu.

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Bolo Rei : la légende du gâteau des Rois au Portugal

Bolo Rei: the legend of the Kings' cake in Portugal

It is one of the 13 most traditional Christmas desserts in Portugal: the Bolo Rei. However, this "Kings' cake" equivalent to the French Christmas cake has its origin... in France

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13 recettes de desserts portugais...

13 recipes of Portuguese desserts for Christmas but also for the whole year.

Portuguese gastronomy leaves a lot of room for desserts. I have chosen for you those that are most often served at Christmas and I have translated the most authentic recipes: Bolo Rei - Bolo Rainha - Arroz Doce - Filhós - Fatias Douradas - Fios de ovos - Pão de Ló - Pudim de Ovos - Pasteis de Nata - Baba de Camelo - Bolo de bolacha - Bola de Berlim - Pão de Deus...

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Les 5 meilleures recettes de Cataplana

Cataplana: The 5 best recipes

In Portugal, there are almost as many recipes for Cataplana as there are cooks. However, there are some basic recipes. Here they are, translated from Portuguese...

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Guide des vins portugais

Introduction to Portuguese wines

More than 250 grape varieties allow Portugal to offer a wide range of red, white and rosé wines, as well as green wines, sparkling wines, port wines, Madeira and Azores wines and Moscatel....

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Pastel de Nata du Portugal la recette secrète

The secret recipe of Pasteis de Nata

The best Pasteis de Nata are to be bought in Lisbon and eaten on the spot, still warm. Please, never buy them in supermarkets or at the airport, you could only be disappointed. Come on, they are not very difficult to make by yourself. Here is my recipe!
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Bacalhau ! La morue, une spécialité portugaise

Bacalhau ! Codfish, a Portuguese specialty

If you are planning to travel to Portugal, you will quickly notice that the "Bacalhau" is everywhere. Discover the origin of the consumption of this fish and some emblematic recipes...

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Sardines en boite : Comment les choisir ?

Canned sardines : How to choose them ?

Sardines or filleted sardines ? prepared with olive or sunflower oil ? Plain or in sauce ? What about vintage sardines? How to make your choice and be sure to discover the best canned sardines?

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São Martinho, castanhas e Água-pé

São Martinho, castanhas e Água-pé

In Portugal, as in many countries, November 11th, Saint Martin's Day, is the day when families gather to celebrate the last rays of sunshine and the arrival of the cold. This tradition has given rise to popular customs around the festival, chestnuts, wine and brandy ...

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Les huiles d'olive portugaises... Pourquoi font elles partie des meilleures au monde ?

Portuguese olive oils... Why are they among the best in the world?

Just like wine, olive oil can be perceived as a very common product or, on the contrary, as a complex product influenced by olive varieties, terroir, cultivation and production methods, blends... Here are some keys to find your way around.

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Francesinha I Recette originale du plat de la ville de Porto

The authentic recipe of the famous francesinha

During your stay in Portugal, but especially in Porto, you will not escape the "Francesinha", a typical dish from this city. Discover its origin and its genuine recipe....

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Le thé portugais des Açores : Découvrez un thé unique.

Discover a very unique tea: Portuguese tea from the Azores.

It is on the island of São Miguel in the Azores that there are two unique tea plantations, the "Gorreana" plantation and the "Porto Formoso" plantation, which are the only ones to grow tea in Europe.

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