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Recettes à base de sardines en conserve portugaises

6 quick recipes based on canned sardines.

The reputation of Portuguese canned sardines is well established. You can, of course, taste them directly on a slice of toasted bread but you  can also spend 5 to 10 minutes to cook a simple recipe... Follow me, I'll give you some ideas!

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Un restaurant portugais tout simple à découvrir : O' Carloto !

You look for a typical and simple Portuguese restaurant ? O'Carloto!

5 minutes from the famous Guincho Beach, 10 minutes from Cascais, 30 minutes from Lisbon, in the small village of Areia, stands a typical restaurant, a little far from tourist areas and mainly frequented by Portuguese people... Discover what a simple, typically Portuguese restaurant is!
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Choisissez votre Cataplana et découvrez les meilleures recettes.

Choose your Cataplana and discover the best recipes.

Originating from the Algarve, cataplana is a cooking kitchenware that gives its name to a large number of very popular dishes in Southern Portugal. A Cataplana is very easy to use, allows you to cook healthy while preserving the taste of all foods and can be used for a large number of recipes based on fish, shellfish, shellfish, meat, and even mixtures! Discover its use and some recipes!

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Les Petiscos, la meilleure façon de découvrir la cuisine portugaise.

A Portuguese speciality? our Pesticos!

Everybody knows Spanish tapas... Portugal has nothing to envy its big neighbour on this point and also offers extraordinary "Petiscos". Originally very popular, the petiscos are now at the top of the list of the most desirable cafés, pubs and restaurants. Discover the main recipes of Petiscos and let yourself be carried away by the popular Portuguese gastronomy...

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