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Poteries noires de Bisalhaes

The black pottery of Bisalhães, protected by UNESCO but disappearing.

The black pottery of Bisalhães is unique in the world, has existed for more than 5 centuries and yet it is dying out. UNESCO has become aware of this and has just inscribed their manufacturing process on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

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La ville de Barcelos, son coq et ses représentations modernes.

The city of Barcelos, its rooster and its modern images.

Barcelos is a small town in northern Portugal. It is in this city that a legend was born around a pilgrim and a rooster, which later became the symbol of the city and then the symbol of Portugal. This national symbol is called today the Rooster of Barcelos or the Galo de Barcelos or the Portuguese Rooster.

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Céramique de Coimbra

Discover the traditional ceramics of Coimbra.

The ceramics of Coimbra, flourishing from the 16th to the 18th century, practically disappeared but find today the place it deserves thanks to some daring craftsmen...

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7 monuments historiques qui témoignent de l'histoire du Portugal.

7 historical monuments that reflect the history of Portugal.

The struggle for independence from the Kingdom of Castile, the reconquest of a country invaded by the Moors, great discoveries... Portugal's history has left us with unique monuments. I would like to introduce you to 7 of them, which I think are the most beautiful of the country.

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Le Coeur de Viana: Histoire et tradition portugaise.

The Heart of Viana: Portuguese history and tradition.

Used as a symbol by Portugal, the surprisingly modern Heart of Viana now has its place around the necks of Hollywood stars. What does it represent and where does it come from?

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Repas de noël au Portugal

Discover Christmas traditions in Portugal.

Feliz Natal! If Christmas holidays tend to standardize all over the world (and that's a pity) but Portuguese traditions are still alive. I suggest you discover them through this article.

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Azulejos du Portugal

Discover the history of the Portuguese Azulejos.

When you travel through Portugal, you will see public buildings, churches, monuments and even buildings or houses covered with tiles. Over time, these tiles have become one of Portugal's most popular emblems: They are called Azulejos.

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Julia Côta artiste portugaise

The fantastic world of Julia Cotà: Naive art or crafts?

Júlia Cotà is today one of the greatest living representatives of the "Barcelos Figurado", an artistic part of Portuguese popular culture. Are her creations crafts or are they naive art?

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Les grandes découvertes des navigateurs portugais

The great discoveries of Portuguese navigators

At the beginning of the 15th century, Portugal invented the first vessels able to sail in the open sea and embarked on a methodical exploration of the world. This is the beginning of the Great Discoveries which will require all existing maps to be redrawn.

Get with me to discover the 5 important dates that changed the world 500 years ago....
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