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11 portugais célèbres dont vous avez entendu parler

11 famous Portuguese people you've heard of

Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Saramago, Ronaldo... all have in common their fame that has gone beyond national borders. Discover these 11 illustrious Portuguese, known all over the world.

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La stupéfiante histoire de la Reine morte

The Amazing Story of the Dead Queen

The story of the Dead Queen is a secondary episode in the history of Portugal, but it is so amazing that it has given rise to many legends, books and plays.

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Marinha Grande et l'artisanat du verre... Une histoire séculaire

Marinha Grande and the glass craft... An age-old history

In 1769, Guilherme Stephens, an Englishman who had emigrated to Portugal, under the advice of the Marquis of Pombal and by the will of the King, took over and developed the glass factory in Marinha Grande... Even today, Portuguese glass comes from this city.

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Ces navigateurs portugais qui ont découvert le monde.

These Portuguese navigators who discovered the world.

600 years ago, more than 50 great Portuguese navigators distinguished themselves by their discoveries. Thanks to them, in less than a century, the entire globe was covered by new maritime routes. But history will mainly remember the names of Henry the Navigator, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco de Gama and Magellan.

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Fátima et les 3 secrets révélés par la Sainte Vierge

Fátima and the 3 secrets revealed by the Holy Virgin

In 1917, in Fátima, a succession of events gave rise to a mystery that has permeated the 20th century and to one of the greatest places of Catholic pilgrimage today.

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Azulejos du Portugal

Discover the history of the Portuguese Azulejos.

When you travel through Portugal, you will see public buildings, churches, monuments and even buildings or houses covered with tiles. Over time, these tiles have become one of Portugal's most popular emblems: They are called Azulejos.

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Julia Côta artiste portugaise

The fantastic world of Julia Cotà: Naive art or crafts?

Júlia Cotà is today one of the greatest living representatives of the "Barcelos Figurado", an artistic part of Portuguese popular culture. Are her creations crafts or are they naive art?

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Bolo Rei : la légende du gâteau des Rois au Portugal

Bolo Rei: the legend of the Kings' cake in Portugal

It is one of the 13 most traditional Christmas desserts in Portugal: the Bolo Rei. However, this "Kings' cake" equivalent to the French Christmas cake has its origin... in France

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Les traditions de Noël au Portugal

Christmas traditions in Portugal

Are you going to Portugal for the holidays or do you want to bring back some of the traditions of this beautiful country for Christmas? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about Christmas traditions in Portugal.

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Poteries noires de Bisalhaes

The black pottery of Bisalhães, protected by UNESCO but disappearing.

The black pottery of Bisalhães is unique in the world, has existed for more than 5 centuries and yet it is dying out. UNESCO has become aware of this and has just inscribed their manufacturing process on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.

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São Martinho, castanhas e Água-pé

São Martinho, castanhas e Água-pé

In Portugal, as in many countries, November 11th, Saint Martin's Day, is the day when families gather to celebrate the last rays of sunshine and the arrival of the cold. This tradition has given rise to popular customs around the festival, chestnuts, wine and brandy ...

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Barcelos : la ville, son histoire et son coq.

The city of Barcelos, its rooster and its modern images.

Barcelos is a small town in northern Portugal. It is in this city that a legend was born around a pilgrim and a rooster, which later became the symbol of the city and then the symbol of Portugal. This national symbol is called today the Rooster of Barcelos or the Galo de Barcelos or the Portuguese Rooster.

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