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Quels sont les jours fériés au Portugal ?

What are the public holidays in Portugal?

Portugal has 13 national and official holidays plus a regional holiday in honor of the patron saint of each city. So, what are these holidays? What are the remarkable commemorations and what are the traditions?

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Où partir en été au Portugal ? La côte d’argent !

Where to go in summer in Portugal? The silver coast !

Are you planning your summer vacation in Portugal and looking for an itinerary of must-see places to visit? In this article, we suggest you discover the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata, in Portuguese)

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Lisbonne en dehors des sentiers battus

Lisbon off

Beyond these tourist places, Lisbon is full of unusual places where history, industry, landscapes, modern art... are mixed in an improbable way. I suggest you to discover some of them.

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Azulejos du Portugal

Discover the history of the Portuguese Azulejos.

When you travel through Portugal, you will see public buildings, churches, monuments and even buildings or houses covered with tiles. Over time, these tiles have become one of Portugal's most popular emblems: They are called Azulejos.

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Un week-end à Lisbonne : Les incontournables

A weekend in Lisbon: The must-sees

A weekend in Lisbon is short! Here are the few must-see places to visit in the capital if you're afraid you won't have time to do everything.

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Vallée du Douro

Où partir au Portugal ? Porto et ses environs !

Que vous soyez à Porto pour un week-end ou pour une semaine, voici les lieux à ne pas manquer !
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Au Portugal, on va à la plage mais on peut aussi skier !

In Portugal, we go to the beach but we can also ski!

In the center and north of Portugal, there are magnificent mountain ranges and the natural park of the "Serra da Estrela" which has the highest point of continental Portugal at almost 2,000m of altitude . And you can ski there...

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Lisbonne I Tourisme d'affaires

Business tourism in Portugal

A trendy destination in Europe, Portugal also hosts an increasing number of corporate events. Accessibility, climate, culture, gastronomy, quality of life and infrastructures are vital assets... Discover them!

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France 5 "Silence ça pousse" au Portugal. Les coulisses de tournage.

Behind the scenes "Silence ça pousse" (FR) on France 5 broadcast

We took the reporters of the French TV broadcast "Silence ça pousse" (FR) - France 5 channel to discover the Ribatejo region, the rush fields and the tradition of rush bags... Here are some pictures of the shooting.

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7 monuments historiques qui témoignent de l'histoire du Portugal.

7 historical monuments that reflect the history of Portugal.

The struggle for independence from the Kingdom of Castile, the reconquest of a country invaded by the Moors, great discoveries... Portugal's history has left us with unique monuments. I would like to introduce you to 7 of them, which I think are the most beautiful of the country.

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Campinos tradition portugaise à cheval

Ribatejo ... A day in the countryside 1/2 hour from Lisbon

At only 1/2 hour from Lisbon by motorway, lies a little-known region of Portugal that offers unsuspected treasures: The Ribatejo, literally, the banks of the Tagus. Follow me, I'll take you there for a little day! 

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Un avion de la TAP pour un vol vers Lisbonne

Which suitcases for your flight to Portugal? How to bring back your gifts and souvenirs?

You are taking advantage of a great weekend to discover Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve? Pay attention to the preparation of your luggage! Dimensions and weights are regulated.  Franchises and price supplements vary from one company to another. You wonder how to bring back your souvenirs? Don't worry, we have a solution, discover it!

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