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Miel BIO de l'Alentejo
Miel pur "Bagas Bravas"
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Thym portugais BIO dit Sel vert (Tomilho Bela Luz)
Menthe poivrée BIO (Hortelã Pimenta)
Verveine citronnelle BIO (Lúcia-Lima)
Mélisse BIO (Cidreira)
Mélisse BIO (Cidreira)
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Citronnelle BIO (Erva Principe)
Verveine citronnelle BIO en vrac pour infusions Verveine citronnelle BIO (Lúcia Lima)
Menthe poivrée BIO (Hortelã Pimenta)
Thym portugais BIO (Tomilho Vulgar)
Thym citronné BIO (Tomilho Limão)
Sauge BIO (Salvia)
Romarin BIO (Alecrim)
Sarriette BIO (Segurelha)
Origan ou Marjolaine BIO (Manjerona)
Menthe Pouliot BIO (Poejo)
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A small Portuguese organic farm. Be Aromatic is a small artisanal company that operates a small 3-hectare farm dedicated solely to the production of aromatic and medicinal plants in organic production. The fields of the farm "Quinta dos Choupos" are located near the town of Evora in the Alentejo region, in the heart of Portugal, protected from any pollution.
Organic aromatic herbs. A few enthusiasts grow typically Portuguese organic aromatic herbs: Sage, Rosemary, Savory, Mint, Marjoram and, of course, Thyme. All these herbs are grown, harvested and packed in an artisanal and extremely professional way.
Herbs for infusions. There are also officinal herbs for the preparation of infusions with many properties. These herbs are also grown organically in order to preserve all their effects. Verbena, Mint, Lemongrass, Balm are all ready to make you take advantage of their properties.
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