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Unique and amazing flavors: The Meia-Duzia jam flavors are a blend of Portuguese fruits, wines, and aromatic herbs: Fundão cherries, Azores pineapples, Sao Tomé chocolate, Port or Madeira wines, Moscatel du Douro, aromatic herbs, pink pepper, lavender...
A responsible raw material: The Meia-Dúzia brand favors local producers who practice organic farming and only uses seasonal fruit protected by a registered designation of origin.
A traditional production: Each jam Meia-Dúzia is hand-prepared and is composed of more than 55% fruit, is limited in its quantities of sugar and does not use any colouring or preservatives. The result is a product with a unique taste and of very high quality.
Innovative packaging: Aluminum tubes with unique design prevent oxidation by light, protecting the colour and intrinsic taste of the fruit. The safety cap protects from air, keeping the product's properties intact until it is used for the first time