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Azulejo Padrao I Azulejo portugais artisanal 14 cm Azulejo Padrão 14x14cm Bleu Cobalt
Azulejo portugais avec base en liège I Artisanat du Portugal Dessous de plat Azulejo 15x15cm
Sous plat bleu en faïence Azulejo du Portugal I Vente en ligne Dessous de plat en céramique et liège "Azulejos"
Assiette en grés I Service Lisbonne I Vente en ligne Assiette en grés "Lisboa" - 30 cm
Gobelet en grés I Service Lisboa I Vente en ligne Gobelet en grés "Lisboa"
Carafe en grés I Service Lisboa I Vente en ligne Carafe en grés "Lisboa"
Coupe en grés I Service Lisboa I Vente en ligne Coupe en grés "Lisboa"
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Azulejos Collection


The Portuguese Azulejos, a contested origin. The first Azulejos found in Portugal were made in Spain and imported by King Manuel I to cover the walls of his palace in Sintra. At that time, they are still coloured Azulejos. A little later, at the end of the 17th century, the Portuguese ordered blue and white Azulejos from the Dutch for their palaces and churches. The famous Portuguese blue and white Azulejos were born.
Azulejos, an art still very much alive in Portugal. Even today, Azulejos are still used in decoration, but in a contemporary form, throughout Portugal. Lisbon underground walls are covered with Azulejos and more recent and very modern buildings such as Casa da Música in Porto use them for their decorative function.
The Azulejos, multiple variations. Contemporary artists and craftsmen continue to work with Azulejos and include them in street art, design, jewellery and kitchens. You will find on our website ceramic or stoneware tableware evoking the particular design of the azulejos, and fabrics with which fashion accessories are made.  Of course, the particular design of the Portuguese Azulejos is used on many products to evoke their origins.