Linhas d'anjo

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Sac à bandoulière Tiracolo
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Besace à bandoulière orange du Minho
Besace à bandoulière bleue du Minho
Besace à bandoulière rouge du Minho
Housse de protection pour ordinateur Pochette en liège
Patchwork pouch in cork
38.45€ 54.95€
Porte-monnaie du Minho blanc
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Porte monnaie du Minho I Artisanat Portugais I Vente en ligne Porte-monnaie du Minho vert
Purse "Minho" - Green
23.25€ 27.90€
Porte-monnaie du Minho bleu I Porte monnaie artisanal  Porte-monnaie du Minho bleu
Purse "Minho"- Blue
23.25€ 27.90€
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Porte clés andorinha rouge
Andorinha I Red key ring
8.68€ 12.40€
Porte clés andorinha bleu dur
Porte clés andorinha jaune
Andorinha I Yellow key ring
8.68€ 12.40€
Porte clés andorinha bleu marine
Andorinha I Blue key ring
8.68€ 12.40€
Porte clés andorinha vert
"Andorinha" green key ring
8.68€ 12.40€
Porte clés Coração de Viana I Coeur de Viana du Portugal Porte clés Coeur de Viana Bleu
Porte clés coq de Barcelos I Galo de Barcelos du Portugal Porte clés Coq de Barcelos vert
Black purse


Portuguese folk traditions. In 2012, Anabela de Jesus discovered the Minho region, the cradle of Portugal. She is fascinated by the traditional fabrics used in the making of folk costumes. As soon as she returned, she launched her first clothing line, which immediately met a real success.
The creativity of Portuguese youth. A few months later, his son, Rafael, finished his studies in "Design e marketing de Moda" in Guimarães and decided to join his mother. The little attempt becomes a beautiful adventure shared between a mother and her son! Today, the "Linhas d'Anjo" line extends to fashion accessories while respecting the principles that have guided Anabela until now: Traditional fabrics carefully selected on-site, a design inspired by his son and a high-quality craft technique.
Creations recognized by Portuguese museums. The Portuguese make no mistake about it and have decided to show Anabela's creations in the shops of the most beautiful museums in the region. "I was conquered by Anabela and her son's approach, which takes traditional Portuguese fabrics out of their folklore register and propels them into a surprisingly modern light... Let yourself be tempted and you too will be won over by the uniqueness of each accessory proposed by Linhas d'Anjo"
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