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Chestnut grill

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  • Produit authentique du Portugal
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Totally unclassifiable, totally impossible to find outside Portugal, this utensil allows you to cook and grill chestnuts on a barbecue.
Flared downwards, fitted with holes and a lid, this utensil allows chestnuts to be grilled and cooked at the same time by retaining the steam produced by the heat.

 Why I love it

  • A traditional and festive utensil.
  • Very easy to use on a barbecue.


  • Material: Galvanised sheet steel
  • Bottom diameter: 13cm
  • Top diameter: 25cm
  • Height : 22cm


How to roast chestnuts?

  1. Light a barbecue and wait for the embers to appear without flames.
  2. Split the skin of each chestnut on its rounded side.
  3. Place the chestnut grill on the barbecue grill as close as possible to the embers.
  4. Pour the chestnuts into the chestnut grid.
  5. Stir regularly thanks to the two handles of the utensil.
  6. Chestnuts are cooked when they split and the tip of a knife easily penetrates them.