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Corporate Gifts

Stand out with Portugal!

Take advantage of the current craze for Portugal and offer gifts with a difference that will show your care and leave a lasting impression. Christmas gifts, business gifts, promotional gifts, end-of-seminar gifts - we'll help you choose the right gifts for your employees, customers or partners.

Offer authentic Portuguese products!

Tous les produits de notre catalogue sont des produits extraordinaires, 100% fabriqués au Portugal, ancrés dans leur histoire et souvent étonnamment modernes.  Nos produits sont élaborés à partir de matières premières naturelles et locales grâce à des savoir-faire traditionnels ou artisanaux, nos produits sont authentiquement portugais. 

C'est pour vous l'assurance d'offrir un cadeau qui respecte certaines valeurs.



Standard or customized gift boxes?

We keep 50+ gift set references in stock, available immediately in a wide range of prices and featuring Portuguese craftsmanship, gastronomy or traditions. We can also help you create customized gift sets, from the smallest to the most exceptional.

They recently put their trust in us...

We're here to help!

We're based in Lisbon, speak French, English and Portuguese, and are here to advise you, help you and give you a quote within 48 hours.