Flores do Campo I Perfumed ceramic

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Authentic Portuguese Product drapeau portugais

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Fresh, soft, sweet, this impregnated ceramic evokes the beauty of the flowers of the Portuguese fields. It underlines the sweet and woody scent of violet, a simple and bucolic flower that has inspired great Portuguese poets.
As a gift for someone special, as a decorative object for your home, inside your wardrobes, this impregnated ceramic will diffuse its aromas for more than 700 hours. Beyond that, re-soak it or use it as a decorative object.

Made in Northern Portugal, with values of quality and tradition, these products are part of a collection dedicated to daily skincare and the creation of a relaxing atmosphere inside your home. Discover the entire collection of soaps and skincare products from Portugal Real Saboria.

Savons et produits de soin du Portugal

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