Box of Portuguese chocolates

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Box set consisting of 6 tubes of chocolate cream made from the famous São Tomé Cocoa and flavoured with fruit or spices or Portuguese wines.
These tubes of Chocolate Cream will be precious allies to make wonderful toppings, to garnish muffins, cupcakes, and pancakes or to spice up yoghurts and cereals.
This box set to offer (or just for yourself) allows you to discover all the creativity of the Portuguese delicatessen.
  1. Dark chocolate with pineapple from the Azores
  2. Dark chocolate with orange.
  3. Dark chocolate with passion fruit.
  4. Dark chocolate with cherries and brandy.
  5. Dark chocolate with blackberries, hazelnuts and nutmeg.
  6. Dark chocolate with blueberries and Port wine.
 Why I love it
  • The daring combinations of Sao Tome chocolate with fruits, spices and wines, all of Portuguese origin (AOC) and from organic farming.
  • A convenient packaging, protecting the chocolate well even after the tube has been opened.
  • The consistency of the Chocolate Cream allows it to be used as a topping, in addition to a dish, as a spread...

Pineapple Dark Chocolate from the Azores: Pineapple chocolate is ideal in addition to chocolate truffles and carrot cake.
Orange Dark Chocolate: Chocolate flavoured with orange is ideal for orange cheesecake, chocolate cake, and orange pie and can also be enjoyed with coffee. 
Dark chocolate with passion fruit: Passion fruit Chocolate is ideal with a tiramisu, as a filling for macaroons or with a glass of Port wine.
Cherry Dark Chocolate with Brandy: Cherry Brandy Chocolate is ideal for ice cream or brownies.
Dark chocolate with blackberries, hazelnuts and nutmeg: Blackberry, hazelnut and nutmeg chocolate suits perfectly with muffins, cupcakes and fruit pudding.
Dark chocolate with blueberries and Port wine. Chocolate with blueberries and Port wine is perfect with almond or chocolate cake or with Port wine.
Features and characteristics
  • Total net weight: 450g (6 x 75 g)
  • Number of tubes: 6
  • Box size: 30 x 19 x 4 cm
São Tomé cocoa

The island of São Tomé was discovered on the day of Saint Thomas (hence its name), December 21, 1471, by the Portuguese navigators João de Santarém and Pedro Escobar. The archipelago gained its independence on 12 July 1975 after signing an agreement with President Manuel Pinto da Costa. The island of São Tomé is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 200 km off the coast of Gabon. The equator passes 2 km from the southern tip of the island. In 1822, Portuguese settlers planted the first cocoa trees brought from Brazil. Today, São Tomé maintains the reputation of its fine and tasty cocoa by focusing on high quality and limited production of it.