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In the 16th century, the Portuguese established their trading posts in Asia and were the first to trade with China. In the holds of the first ships returning from the East, there is a new variety of orange: The edible sweet orange that will replace the bitter orange that existed in Europe. 
Since then, it is this variety of orange that is cultivated in Portugal in the plains of the Alentejo or on the banks of the Tagus in the Ribatejo.
From December to April, the fields, the sides of the roads but also the heart of the small villages are overflowing with orange fruits. It is this color and this very special moment that always inspires Portuguese creators. This gift box gathers some Portuguese icons interpreted in orange.

First of all, a beautiful vase created for Luisa Paixão by one of the best ceramics workshops in Portugal. Then, a sardine and a swallow also in ceramics created by the famous Memoria Lusa workshop. A beautiful orange soap and a box of tea flavored with oranges from the Algarve.

This gift can be presented in a beautiful cardboard box that will make a very nice effect or in a nice paper bag.

 Why I love it

  • Only typical Portuguese products, made in Portugal.
  • Handcrafted products of excellent quality.
  • A range of the best Portugal has to offer.

Red and orange vase

Very nice soliflore in fine ceramics made exclusively for Luisa Paixão by one of the best ceramics workshops in Portugal. This small vase can stand alone or receive a single flower. Very contemporary with its pure shapes, bright colors and shiny ceramics, it brightens up a table, a chest of drawers or a bookcase.

  • Height : 21cm
  • Width : 8cm

Orange ceramic sardine

Ceramic sardine which finds its place in the whole house and immediately reminds us of Portugal. It can be placed on a piece of furniture thanks to its flat belly but also fixed to the wall thanks to its ventral hole. It is also very much used at the table, as a decorative object or as a cutlery rest.

  • Length : 17 cm
  • Width : 3 cm

Orange ceramic swallow

Small traditional Portuguese swallow in ceramic with a ventral hole that allows to fix it to the wall or to put it flat on a piece of furniture.

Black tea with Algarve oranges

A delicious combination of the strength of black tea and the sweetness of orange peels and pieces from the town of Sives in the Algarve.

  • Content : 30g

Soap scented with flowers and exotic fruits

Luxury soap scented with a delicate fragrance of exotic flowers and fruits, inspired by the Island of Madeira, discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1419.

  • Net weight : 150g


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