Box set of jams with Portuguese wines

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Box set of 6 tubes of jams made from Portuguese Controlled Designation of Origin fruits and associated with Portuguese wines such as Port or Madeira wine.
Each jam is presented in an opaque aluminium tube and can be resealed with a screw cap, thus preserving the flavours for a long time. 
  1. Rocha pear jam in Moscatel from Douro
  2. Esmolfe apple jam with mint and Port wine
  3. Orange jam in Madeira wine
  4. Strawberry jam with Port wine and red pepper
  5. Jam of Fundão cherries with Brandy
  6. Blueberry Port Wine and Vanilla Blueberry Jam
Rocha Pears in Moscatel of Douro: Rocha Pear is a variety produced on the west central coast of Portugal. It is a fruit with an appetizing colour, texture and flavour. Muscat of Douro is a sweet wine, making an extremely delicate and light link with pears.
Esmolfe Apples with Mint and Port Wine: Esmolfe apples are produced in Northern and Central Portugal. They are extremely aromatic, juicy, sweet and sour at the same time. It blends perfectly with mint, which brings a slight touch of freshness to the jam. Port wine brings a sophisticated finishing touch with its light and sweet taste.
Madeira wine oranges: The orange of Algarve, a fruit with a sweet taste and succulent pulp, is very popular. Madeira wine is a fortified wine, very fruity with notes of nuts, dried fruits, coffee, and caramel. When mixed with orange, it enhances the taste of the fruit. 
Strawberries in Port Wine and Red Pepper: Strawberry jam combined with Port wine for a sweet and warm flavour, the touch of red pepper highlights this surprising combination rich in intensity.
Fundão Cherries in Brandy: This Jam is a blend of subtle and warm aromas and flavors that remains delicately in the mouth.
Blueberries in Port Wine and Vanilla: Blueberries, a wild fruit with a taste between sweet, sour and bitter, have excellent nutritional properties,  plain vanilla forms the link between Port wine and blueberry.
Features and characteristics
  • Total net weight: 450 g (6 x 75 g)
  • Number of tubes: 6
  • Box size: 30x19x4cm

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