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Pintarroxo I Virgin olive oil with thyme and rosemary

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  • Produit authentique du Portugal
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Omnipresent in Mediterranean cuisine, the combination of olive oil and rosemary produces a harmonious, tasty and very healthy oil. In addition to preserving the nutritional qualities of olive oil, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) gives a fresh, almost saucy character to roasted lamb, veal, chicken, pork or turkey.
Infused with Thymus vulgaris, olive oil rejuvenates and awakens creativity. With its versatility, mild flavor and southern European taste, Thyme Olive Oil will provide a spark of happiness to your salads, pizzas, cod or chicken dishes, just to name a few.
This extra virgin olive oil is produced by purely mechanical processes in a small family farm. The rosemary and thyme are sourced from the property. The production is very limited.

 Why I love it

  • A duo of very tasty oils.
  • Allows to season all varieties of dishes.



  • Region of production: Trás-os-Montes (Protected Designation of Origin) 
  • Store away from light, heat and odors. 
  • Set of 2 bottles of 200 ml


Assiette à dégustation d'huile d'olive
These olive oils are packaged in a glass bottle so as not to alter the taste. Once at home, store your bottle of olive oil in a dry place away from any heat source.

Of course these olive oils can be used for cooking, but that would be a shame. Reserve them for simple seasonings, or better, offer them with fresh bread as an aperitif, Portuguese style. And why not use an olive oil tasting plate.