Pure honey "Bagas Bravas"

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Honey harvested and handmade in the Montesinho Natural Park in Northern Portugal, on the Spanish border.

This honey has a protected designation of origin and is produced by the Apis Mellifera bee from the nectar of heather, rosemary and chestnut flowers. It is produced at altitudes from 500 to 1470m without transhumance, without parallel feeding of bees, nor introduction of bee breeds outside the region.

Why I love it

  • A pure and traditional honey in a natural park.
  • Subtle aromas of thyme and chestnuts.


"Bagas Bravas is a small organic bee farm located in the Montesinho Natural Park, a protected mountain area in the north-eastern Transmontano. We harvest honey from the hives according to the natural cycles of bees, promoting native biodiversity and respecting the beekeeping tradition of the region. The honey is extracted and packaged in our certified workshop and offers intense aromas and flavours of heather, rosemary, thyme and chestnut." - Octàvio Felix - Beekeeper
Features and characteristics
  • Beekeeper: Octàvio Felix 
  • Honey with a registered designation of origin
  • Net weight: 300g