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Murano glass Sardines from Marinha Grande

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  • Produit authentique du Portugal
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Magnificent glass sardines entirely handmade by a Master Glassmaker from Marinha Grande, the cradle of glass craftsmanship in Portugal. A decorative object evoking Portugal, this glass sardine can be used as a paperweight.
The 19 cm version can be wall-mounted or hung thanks to the 2 small hooks that are incorporated during its cooking. The 12 cm version is equipped with 2 magnets.

Why I love it
  • An original and modern object evoking Portugal
  • A remarkable quality of craftsmanship



  • Available in various colours and sizes
  • Length: 19 cm or 12 cm
  • Fitted with hooks (19 cm version) or magnet (12 cm version)
Please note: This glass sardine is produced entirely by hand, in a traditional way. The patterns, reliefs, and colours may, therefore, differ slightly from one piece to another.
This sardine is an object of remarkable craft quality made entirely by hand by Francisco & Luisa Santos.
Francisco is a renowned master glassmaker who usually designs and makes extraordinary stained glass windows and a tiny series of glass sardines. He uses both a traditional Marinha Grande glass (a translucent glass) and a rather opaque Murano glass.
His crafts are present throughout Portugal in churches, public buildings or sumptuous houses and are also the subject of numerous exhibitions in Portugal, Brazil, and various European countries.
If you are interested in Luisa and Francisco's work on Marinha Grande's glass, please discover all the products we have selected for you and make your choice!