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Cabriz récolte sélectionnée 2019 I Vin rouge du Dão - 75cl
Terras Madre de água 2019 I Vin rouge du Dão - 75cl
Terras Madre de água 2019 I Vin blanc du Dão - 75cl
Terras Madre de água 2020 I Vin rosé du Dão - 75cl
Ferreira I Porto Ruby rouge NAT COOL REGIONAL DÃO TINTO 2020 - 1L
Ferreira I Porto Ruby rouge RÓTULO TINTO 2018 - 75 CL
Ferreira I Porto Ruby rouge RÓTULO BRANCO 2020 - 75 CL

Wines of Dão

Among the best wines of Portugal. It is in the mountainous areas of the Central Region, generally at an altitude of 400 to 700 meters, that we find the famous Dão vineyards. These vineyards, cultivated on schist or granite soils and protected from the winds blowing from the Atlantic by the Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco and Estrela mountains, produce some of the best wines in Portugal.

A great diversity of wines. In this region, the second to be delimited in Portugal, in 1908, you will find a great diversity of grape varieties, such as Alfrocheiro, Bastardo or Touriga Nacional, in terms of red grape varieties, or Barcelo, Encruzado or Terrantez, in terms of white grape varieties. This diversity, combined with the edapho-climatic factors of the region, the production techniques used and the knowledge of its inhabitants, results in a wine of great quality, appreciated throughout the country.

Complex and elegant Portuguese wines. The reds are velvety and full-bodied, with a complex flavor and an aroma of ripe fruit. The whites are soft and fresh, with a fruity aroma. Rosé wines are light and refreshing, with a fruity and floral aroma. And finally, the sparkling wines, elegant and with fine bubbles, are fresh and have a fruity aroma.