Portuguese Business Gifts

Portuguese business giftsBe different !

Take advantage of the enthusiasm for Portugal and offer special gifts that will show your consideration and leave a long lasting souvenir.

Christmas gifts, business gifts, promotional gifts, end of seminar gifts, we help you choose the right gifts for your staff, customers or partners.


Genuine portuguese business gifts .

Genuine products.

All the products we offer in our catalogue are fabulous ones, they are 100% manufactured in Portugal, anchored in their history and very often surprisingly modern. 

Our products are made from natural and local raw materials using traditional or artisanal know-how and craftmanships. Our products are all authentically Portuguese. It is for you the assurance of offering a gift that respects specific values.




Portuguese business giftsStandard or individualized packs  

We maintain 20+ gift box references immediately available in a wide range of prices, highlighting crafts, gastronomy or Portuguese traditions.  

From a little attention to an exceptional gift, we can also help you personalize your gift boxes.


They all trust us   Cadeaux d'affaires du Portugal

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