13 desserts portugais... 13 recettes à découvrir

13 Portuguese desserts I 13 authentic recipes to discover

Portuguese gastronomy leaves a lot of room for desserts. I have chosen for you those that are most often served at Christmas and I have translated the most authentic recipes: Bolo Rei - Bolo Rainha - Arroz Doce - Filhós - Fatias Douradas - Fios de ovos - Pão de Ló - Pudim de Ovos - Pasteis de Nata - Baba de Camelo - Bolo de bolacha - Bola de Berlim - Pão de Deus...

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Maroquinerie en liège

Goods in cork

Cork is a material coming from the bark of cork oak. It is a material with unique physical properties that is used for bottle corks as well as by NASA or the most trendy fashion designers... Discover cork and its most recent applications.

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L'huile d'olive portugaise

Portuguese olive oil

Just like wine, olive oil can be perceived as a very common product or, on the contrary, as a complex product influenced by olive varieties, terroir, cultivation and production methods, blends... Here are some keys to find your way around.

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Lisbonne I Tourisme d'affaires

Business tourism in Portugal

A trendy destination in Europe, Portugal also hosts an increasing number of corporate events. Accessibility, climate, culture, gastronomy, quality of life and infrastructures are vital assets... Discover them!

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Francesinha I Recette originale du plat de la ville de Porto

Recipe of the Francesinha

During your stay in Portugal, but especially in Porto, you will not escape the "Francesinha", a typical dish from this city. Discover its origin and its genuine recipe....

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Céramique de Coimbra

Coimbra traditional ceramics

The ceramics of Coimbra, flourishing from the 16th to the 18th century, practically disappeared but find today the place it deserves thanks to some daring craftsmen...

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Hirondelles murales en céramique

How to use ceramic swallows for decoration?

Ceramic swallows are trendy decorative objects and leading designers or decorators are fond of them. Discover their symbolism, choose them among the different materials, postures, and colours and above all, learn how to fix them to the wall!

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Coulisses de tournage

Making-off of the film

We took the reporters of the French TV broadcast "Silence ça pousse" (FR) - France 5 channel to discover the Ribatejo region, the rush fields and the tradition of rush bags... Here are some pictures of the shooting.

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Vannerie traditionnelle au Portugal et sacs en jonc

Bags made in rush from Castanheira

We introduced the culture and processing of the Portuguese rush to French journalists for the broadcast of "Silence, ça pousse!" (Fr) on the "France 5" channel.

It is for me an opportunity to share a story I love with its traditions, ethics, ecology, and modernity...

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Les 7 monuments portugais incontournables.

The 7 must-see Portuguese monuments

The struggle for independence from the Kingdom of Castile, the reconquest of a country invaded by the Moors, great discoveries... Portugal's history has left us with unique monuments. I would like to introduce you to 7 of them, which I think are the most beautiful of the country.

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Le Coeur de Viana.

The Heart of Viana

Used as a symbol by Portugal, the surprisingly modern Heart of Viana now has its place around the necks of Hollywood stars. What does it represent and where does it come from?

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Le thé portugais des Açores.

Portuguese tea from the Azores

It is on the island of São Miguel in the Azores that there are two unique tea plantations, the "Gorreana" plantation and the "Porto Formoso" plantation, which are the only ones to grow tea in Europe.

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