Portugal insolite : 7 lieux incroyables à visiter absolument

Unexpected Portugal: 7 unbelievable places to visit

Pena, Joanina, Benagil... These words may not mean anything to you. These are 3 of the 7 incredible places to discover in Portugal. More in the blog post...

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Quand Estoril était le rendez vous des espions

When Estoril was the meeting place for spies

The Duke of Windsor, the Spanish royal family, the king of Romania, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Leslie Howard, Ian Fleming, Dušan Popov, Garbo... settle in Estoril during the Second World War... They will be a source of inspiration for the character of James Bond!

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L'étrange village de Monsanto

The Curious Village of Monsanto

A historic village, Monsanto has a singular charm: its houses are built entirely of local stone and some are set directly into the rock of the mountain.

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Les plus beaux marchés de Noël à Porto et Lisbonne

Les plus beaux marchés de Noël à Porto et Lisbonne

Les marchés de Noël “Mercados de Natal” sont l’occasion de rencontrer artisans, créateurs, producteurs et commerçants au cœur de leur métier, dans une ambiance festive et chaleureuse. Suivez nous à la recherche des plus beaux marchés de Lisbonne et Porto...
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Quels sont les jours fériés au Portugal ?

What are the public holidays in Portugal?

Portugal has 13 national and official holidays plus a regional holiday in honor of the patron saint of each city. So, what are these holidays? What are the remarkable commemorations and what are the traditions?

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Marinha Grande et l'artisanat du verre... Une histoire séculaire

Marinha Grande and the glass craft... An age-old history

In 1769, Guilherme Stephens, an Englishman who had emigrated to Portugal, under the advice of the Marquis of Pombal and by the will of the King, took over and developed the glass factory in Marinha Grande... Even today, Portuguese glass comes from this city.

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Où partir en été au Portugal ? La côte d’argent !

Where to go in summer in Portugal? The silver coast !

Are you planning your summer vacation in Portugal and looking for an itinerary of must-see places to visit? In this article, we suggest you discover the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata, in Portuguese)

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Lisbonne en dehors des sentiers battus

Lisbon off

Beyond these tourist places, Lisbon is full of unusual places where history, industry, landscapes, modern art... are mixed in an improbable way. I suggest you to discover some of them.

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Lisbonne et les fêtes de Saint Antoine

Lisbon and Saint Anthony's Day

If you are not sure of the ideal time to plan a visit to the city of Lisbon, the answer is, without a doubt, the month of June and more specifically the 12th and 13th of June. These are the dates of the Lisbon Festivals!

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Fátima et les 3 secrets révélés par la Sainte Vierge

Fátima and the 3 secrets revealed by the Holy Virgin

In 1917, in Fátima, a succession of events gave rise to a mystery that has permeated the 20th century and to one of the greatest places of Catholic pilgrimage today.

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Vallée du Douro

Où partir au Portugal ? Porto et ses environs.

Vous planifiez vos vacances ou un week-end au Portugal, mais ne savez pas dans quel endroit découvrir ? Dans cet article, nous vous proposons de découvrir la ville de Porto que ce soit en quelques jours lors d'un week end prolongé ou lors de grandes vacances d'été.
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Au Portugal, on va à la plage mais on peut aussi skier !

In Portugal, we go to the beach but we can also ski!

In the center and north of Portugal, there are magnificent mountain ranges and the natural park of the "Serra da Estrela" which has the highest point of continental Portugal at almost 2,000m of altitude . And you can ski there...

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