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Lisbonne en dehors des sentiers battus

Lisbon off

Beyond these tourist places, Lisbon is full of unusual places where history, industry, landscapes, modern art... are mixed in an improbable way. I suggest you to discover some of them.

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Fátima et les 3 secrets révélés par la Sainte Vierge

Fátima and the 3 secrets revealed by the Holy Virgin

In 1917, in Fátima, a succession of events gave rise to a mystery that has permeated the 20th century and to one of the greatest places of Catholic pilgrimage today.

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Vallée du Douro

Où partir au Portugal ? Porto et ses environs !

Que vous soyez à Porto pour un week-end ou pour une semaine, voici les lieux à ne pas manquer !
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Au Portugal, on va à la plage mais on peut aussi skier !

In Portugal, we go to the beach but we can also ski!

In the center and north of Portugal, there are magnificent mountain ranges and the natural park of the "Serra da Estrela" which has the highest point of continental Portugal at almost 2,000m of altitude . And you can ski there...

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