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Azulejo Padrão 14x14cm

SKU: MEMO-149-2
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  • Produit authentique du Portugal
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Beautiful replica of an authentic Portuguese Azulejo from the 17th century. Molded and entirely hand painted, its irregularities of surface and the imprints of the brush make all its charm.
This azulejo is intended to be mounted in panels of 4 elements that when joined together, create a new pattern, hence the name "Padrão" but it can also be mounted in friezes or simply used as a paperweight, coaster or even a trivet.
For quantity orders, we can establish a special estimate, thank you for contacting us directly using our contact form. 

 Why I love it

  • The rough and irregular aspect of the surface.
  • The imprint of the brush that reveals the gesture of the decorator.
  • The singularity of the object and its multiple uses.


  • Dimensions : 14x14cm
  • Thickness : 0,6mn
  • Weight : 320 g

Don't be mistaken, this Azulejo is not a simple industrial printed earthenware tile that you find in souvenir stores. This object is a real clay tile, glazed on one of its sides and entirely hand-painted by reproducing the ancient gestures. The azulejos "Padrão" appeared in Portugal in the early 17th century and are characterized by their geometric or plant motifs. The motifs are arranged in such a way that the juxtaposition of several tiles allows to obtain a panel with a larger pattern. Their colors evolved from blue and yellow on white at the beginning of the 17th century to a predominance of dark blue and turquoise blue towards the end of the century.