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Assiette en terre cuite vitrifiée I Modèle Alentejo Assiette en terre cuite vitrifiée "Alentejo" - 24cm
Mug en terre cuite vitrifiée "Alentejo"
Assiette en terre cuite vitrifiée I Modèle Alentejo Plat en terre cuite vitrifiée "Alentejo" - 34cm

Alentejo Collection


Portuguese-inspired tableware. The Alentejo collection is inspired by traditional and popular pottery still widely practiced in this region of southern Portugal. The pieces produced there are generally red terracotta painted with colorful and naive patterns, sometimes encrusted with stones or pebbles.

A revisited tradition. The collection presented here is inspired by this tradition, respects the raw material, respects the artisanal and manual processes but modernizes the manufacturing in order to adapt these pieces of tableware to daily use. Here the Terracotta pieces are painted white, baked and then decorated by hand by selected expert craftsmen. They are then cooked a second time to give them a vitrified surface appearance.