Pérola Collection

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Saladier en grès "Pérola" - 27cm
Saladier bas en grès "Pérola" - 34cm
Assiette en grès "Pérola" 28cm
Assiette en grès "Pérola" 22cm
Assiette creuse en grès "Pérola" - 24cm
Bol bas en grès "Pérola" - 16cm
Bol en grès "Pérola" - 13cm
Mug en grès "Pérola"
Carafe en grès "Pérola"
Plat ovale en grès "Pérola" - 34cm
Plat rectangulaire en grès "Pérola" - 30cm
Plat rectangulaire en grès "Pérola" - 30cm


A timeless design. This collection of Portuguese tableware was inspired by 18th and 19th century European ceramics, with its shiny surface, round shapes and outline trimmed with large beads.
A reinterpretation in stoneware. Stoneware is probably the best material for a dinnerware collection. It is very thin, very light and very strong, and can withstand frequent use in a microwave oven or dishwasher.
Easy to use. Its design and material allow this collection to set a festive and impressive table for special occasions but also to adapt easily to the constraints of daily use.

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