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Barcelos Rooster by Prazeres Côta - 16"

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The Galo de Barcelos (Rooster of Barcelos) became a Portuguese national symbol under the impetus of João Domingos Côta da Rocha.

Prazeres, his granddaughter, carries on the family tradition, and here delivers her own interpretation of the Galo de Barcelos, without however denying what makes it original: its flamboyant colors and its always highly exaggerated crest.

Parazeres Côta's works, and those of her mother, Júlia, always evoke the rural life of Minho, its traditional icons and the influences of religious or mythological beliefs.

Why I love it

  • An unclassifiable work, somewhere between craftsmanship and naive art.
  • A personal interpretation of the Barcelos rooster.
  • The authenticity and uniqueness of each of these figurines.


  • Unique piece
  • Height : 40cm (15.8") approx.
  • Weight : 0,5kg approx.

More informations ?

The Côta family is the most charismatic and representative of figurative art in Barcelos and the Minho region of northern Portugal.

Prazeres, one of Julia Côta's daughters, continues the tradition initiated by her great-grandfather, João Domingos Côta da Rocha, creator of the famous Portuguese rooster (Galo de Barcelos).

Already honored as revelation of the year, at Feira de Barcelos in 2018, the Pottery Museum has just included her in an exhibition "Geração Côta" and is presenting several of her works belonging to the Museum's collection and private collections.