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Petites sardines piquantes Cantara I Conserves du Portugal Cantara I Petites sardines piquantes



Portuguese canned sardines only. Located in Matosinhos, near Porto, La Gondola cannery uses only fresh sardines from responsible fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the Portuguese coast. These sardines can only be caught during the official fishing period, from May to December of each year. This cannery refuses to use other sources of supply in order to guarantee the quality of its products. Unfortunately, it happens that stocks are exhausted at the beginning of the year pending the new fishing season that starts in May.
Traditional Portuguese preserves. La Gondola cannery uses traditional production methods, carefully following one production per fishing season and still using manual methods to a large extent. The ingredients added to the can, such as olive oil, tomatoes, lemon, peppers or pickles are selected for their quality and often come from organic farming. These methods and rigorous selection of ingredients guarantee that the fish is preserved under the highest conditions of quality and flavor.
La Gondola, a historical company. La Gondola cannery was one of the first canning factories founded in Portugal in 1940 by Italian immigrants, which explains its name and logo, which is still used today.