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Pendentif Coeur de Viana en argent doré I Vente en ligne Pendentif en filigrane "Coeur de Viana" - Argent doré - 3.5 cm
Silver necklace
From 29.90€
Boucles d'oreille Coraçao de Viana en argent I Vente en ligne Coração de Viana I Boucles d'oreille en argent doré - 3.5cm
Collier Conta de Viana I Bijoux origine Portugal Collier "Conta de Viana" - Argent
Boucles d'oreille A Rainha en or I Bijoux portugais en ligne Brincos À Rainha I Boucles d'oreille en argent doré - 2.5cm
Bague en filigrane d'argent doré I Vente en ligne France Rendas I Bague en argent
Alliance en filigrane d'argent I Vente en ligne Infinito I Alliance en argent
ALMA & CORACÃO Collier Croix de Malte en argent
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Typical Portuguese jewelry. Alma & Coração draws inspiration from the timeless style of Portuguese filigree jewelry to create surprisingly contemporary jewelry. If you wish to buy a typically Portuguese piece of jewelry, do not hesitate to visit Alma & Coração's collection of Viana hearts, which is available in pendants but also in earrings or bracelets.


The heart of Viana, symbol of Portuguese jewelry. Regularly used as a symbol of Portugal, the surprisingly modern Heart of Viana now finds its place at the neck of Hollywood stars. These Viana Hearts are usually woven in gold but also exist in silver or gilded silver which is the most commonly used material. The traditional filigree technique uses delicate gold or silver threads that are interlaced to form works of art made with various patterns.


Filigree jewelry. Most of the jewelry offered by Alma & Coração uses the ancestral technique of filigree. These Portuguese jewels are entirely made of filigree, i. e. the gold or silver threads are twisted, beaten and softened with a heat source and then crafted by goldsmiths. The filigree is a very demanding technique that can only be done manually. Today, there are still 40 workshops able to work with filigree jewelry, including the Alma & Coração workshop.


High-quality Portuguese jewelry. Alma & Coração Portuguese jewelry draw attention by their high-quality finishes and by the rigorous respect of the original techniques of Portuguese jewelry. All the pieces are made of 925/1000e silver and are produced, manually, by the Portuguese master jewelers.